Upfront Custom Solutions

Our award-winning team is now building profitable and proven custom web and mobile platforms for the most influential people and brands in the world.

Recurring Revenue

Through our custom solutions, many of our artists are currently generating more monthly revenue than they are with ANY other platform.

Live Video

Our patented live video tools allow you to broadcast live directly from your phone or desktop.

Revolutionary Communication Tools

Our patented communications tools allow you to text, email, and call your fans directly from your phone for the first time ever.

Free & Premium Fan Experiences

You choose which content you offer is available free for all or a part of a premium subscription.

Ad Free & Spam Free

With no intrusive ads and a system that eliminates spam at its root, your community is much more pure and connected.

Merchandise & Discography Showcase

Our custom storefront allows you to sell exclusive merchandise to members of your community.

Music Sharing

Upload high quality tracks that are available to stream or download.

Interactive Community

With message boards, fan profiles, comments, and more, fans engage each other in ways that are impossible with current social media platforms.

Content Management System

We've developed our own CMS to allow teams to manage content on the web or through mobile.


Work with our design team to customize your platform


Create a content strategy and begin privately uploading exclusive content


Create a launch/rollout strategy and GO LIVE!

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